Why Choose Bob's Painting

Commercial and Industrial Painting Services in Albuquerque, NM

Our Services

Commercial Painting

We can provide painting services for nearly any interior or exterior surface.

Our Services

Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting requires specialized prep work and coatings to ensure a quality, lasting paint job.

Our Services

Caulking and Waterproofing

We can waterproof any building by recaulking/resealing expansion joints, control joints, foundations, sidewalks, and windows.

Our Services

Drywall Repair

Before applying paint, we fix and fill any drywall damage and retexture so there is a uniform surface to apply the paint to.

Our Services

Stucco Painting

The stucco repair process involves removing any caulking or glue if removing signage, filling any cracks, matching texture, and applying paint to the entire surface.

Our Services

Sign and Logo Painting

We can paint any logo, words, or patterns onto nearly any interior or exterior surface.

Our Services

Metal Roof Coating

We can revitalize metal roofs with thorough prep work and specialized coatings that will guarantee a coating that lasts.
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Our Promise and Values

The Right Choice

At Bob’s Painting, people come first, from our wonderful customers to our dedicated employees. We strive, every day, to deliver the highest quality and care to all of our projects and customers. We have more than 30 years of experience painting commercial buildings under our belt and stand by our work.